Old Testament Lesson 14 – Gospel Doctrine #GospelDoctrineHelps Here is a link to the quote used from TPJS – https://bit.ly/2ufGaJH The Israelites prayed that God would speak to Moses & not to Them– in consequense of which he cursed them with a carnal law. Other Lessons: Old Testament Lesson 9 – https://youtu.be/XmyROm_BRKI Old Testament Lesson 10 – https://youtu.be/s-ZrwDDaHp8 Old Testament Lesson 11 – https://youtu.be/DABnRxLvL8o Old Testament Lesson 12 – https://youtu.be/JcmwS4oPXKI Old Testament Lesson 13 – https://youtu.be/gV_DAslicOA XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX I want to give special thanks to This Week in Mormons for releasing Old Testament Lesson 14: “Ye Shall Be a Peculiar Treasure unto Me” – Sunday School Bonanza. Here are some of my other favorite youtubers and their videos! Beth Shalom Messianic Congregation Live 3-24-2018 Old Testament Lesson 13: Bondage, Passover, and Exodus Bill Maher talks to an Ex-Mormon – Real Time How To Put Together A Frame With Wax Foundation, Two Methods Old Testament Stories Benny Hinn 2016, The Dangers of Demonic Objects FULL HD LDS New Testament DVD Presentations, “Paul: A Chosen Vessel”. Bible Study Exodus Chapter 19 Interpreter Scripture Roundtable 64: Old Testament Gospel Doctrine Lesson 14, “Ye Shall Be… A Peculiar Treasure by Merrill J. Bateman; The Best Gifts by Marilyn Bateman Joel Osteen vs. Paul Washer (“I’m Not God. (The Bible) Says ‘Judge Not…’” – Osteen) Benny Hinn – Prayer is more important than Power Women’s Virtue Bible Study: Exploring Acts: Lesson 1 The 613 Commandments – Part 1 Sacrifices and Offerings of the Law of Moses The Old Testament Prophets # 54 – Jeremiah 1 DOCS: Superhuman – World’s Tallest Children CHOSEN: Lesson 14, Seg. 3: What Happens at Confirmation? Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers on the Holy Spirit for CHOSEN: Your Journey Toward Confirmation Stories From The Bible – Samson and Delilah Messianic Torah Observant Israel This Week in Mormons XqzR TV Michael Beach bhilton2011 BennyHinnOnline Sally Linford clarence hardin The Interpreter Foundation BYUSpeeches LaneCh BringBackTheCross Harvest Virtue Messianic Torah Observant Israel Messages of Christ shronemor Barcroft TV Ascension Press Ascension Press Terrance Mann Take a look at This Week in Mormons stats and you’ll understand why I am a fan. Video Url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDqhenw-0J8 Video Title: Old Testament Lesson 14: “Ye Shall Be a Peculiar Treasure unto Me” – Sunday School Bonanza Username: This Week in Mormons Subscribers: 1.1K Views: 226 views ————————-

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